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So i was debating rather or not to even make a new year resolution this years because there is just so much that i want to change this years that putting it all down on just seam's so pointless. I at first just wanted to write down about five but then five become ten and then ten becomes 30 so there was no way i could just sit down and write down a little significant list. Now i actually have to put some thought into this because i want to meat all of the goals i set for myself and all the goals i want to set are some what complex this year. So here we go(and this is not in any kind of order in any way its just written down as it comes to me after a lot of thought's being involved).
2* Washing and brushing the soul for one month straight (don't worry i get it and that's all that matter).
3* Dance to ten songs or more once a day for at least one month straight. 
4* Fix my sleeping scale.
5* Write two children story's that are similar to the brothers Grimm story's with one of them revolving around a gay couple and then write one other children story revolving around a gay couple that is Disney like. 
6* Find a friend on Facebook for lusamba. 
7* Stop eating late at night past six pm for at least one month straight. 
8* Work on not eating so much fattening foods in one week. 
9* Fix up that pile of papers on my corner over there. 
10* Work on starting up amica winters story.
11* Find a a job and get it.
12* Work on finishing some of my old finished story's. 

This list may change before 2013 but for the most part this is what i plan on working on in 2013 and it may just be my sleepy eye's but i can not think of anything else. 

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Posted on 03:56PM on Feb 11th, 2013
Neat list!
Posted on 10:17PM on Feb 16th, 2013
that i'm still working one, i can so lazy with things like this.
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