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             I had this urge to write something for about 3 days now and i had no idea what my brain wanted me to get down, all i knew was that it wanted out and it wanted out fast. It drove me crazy and i went looking around for a song that would help me see it more clearly, to know what it was so that i could better put it down on paper. But no, not even my most inspiring songs gave me any clues as to what this thing that was screaming at me was. I finally gave in and just let it slowly drive me nuts until it was ready to move one, but then just a few min's ago inspiration hit me in the form of Jessie j's nobody's perfect song and i went to work. I still had no idea what i was writing down but i just started writing and it started to come out as a poem about having an idea in your head that you could not put into words and having that idea drive you crazy because of it (go figure)!
              The poem was good and it may have been one of my best, that is it would have been if my computer did not chose that very moment to shut down so that it could finish updating some program that was on here. It makes me sad that i'll never get to fully take in that poem and all the frustration that went into writing it, because i was literary about to pull my own hair out out of frustration of not being able to put that idea into words. The whole time i was writing it i felt like someone was giving me a really good massage every time i finished writing down a sentient. It felt like heaven and i am so happy that i at least managed to get the feeling out and the idea out even though no one (even me)will ever get to read it. I truly believe that it would have been one hell of a poem seeing just how hard it fought me so that it could get out into the world.
               Anything that fights that hard with that much power backing it up just so that it does not get forgotten has to be something pretty amazing. 

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